Covid-19 Travel Requirements

As of today, June 23rd, 2020 these are the current regulations for visiting and staying in Maine.

If you are traveling from New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, there are no restrictions. Visitors from all other states must quarantine for 14 days or provide a negative test result from their home state within 72 hours of arriving in Maine.   Alternatively, visitors can be tested in Maine, per the Governor’s Standing Order, but must quarantine while waiting for the test results. Resources for travelers are listed below.


  1. Standing Order



  1. Standing Order FAQ


  1. List of Testing Sites Find a location for testing



  1. Certificate of compliance



The Governor’s Standing Order includes the following:

Making Testing Available to More People in Maine: Today, DHHS is issuing a standing order allowing most people in Maine with elevated risk to get a COVID-19 test without the need for a separate order from a health care provider. This means individuals can seek testing even if they don’t have a primary care provider or a written order from a clinician if they face a higher risk of exposure, with or without experiencing symptoms. This could include: health care workers and first responders, seasonal and migrant farm workers, people experiencing homelessness, visitors from other states with a higher prevalence of the virus, and employees of congregate living facilities such as nursing homes, lodging establishments, grocery stores and other businesses who have direct, daily contact with the public.